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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Learn About the Stock

After you take the time to thoroughly look at the company’s reality, it is next important to take a look at the stock itself. You may not realize it but there is no doubt that these stocks are very risky business and may or may not show you some details of that risk right in the track record it has left behind for you.

In other words, most stocks can tell a history just in what they can provide for you by what they have done in the past.

No matter what type of investing you are doing, penny stocks or other securities, you want to learn about the stock as much as possible. Otherwise, how would you make the right decision with that stock? This can be completely meaningless. The company could do exceedingly well right off the bat. Yet, that does not mean that it is likely to be that way.

Why do this? Some companies are not legitimate and you are likely to come across a few that are anything but good investment opportunities. By doing this bit of investing, you can really learn about them and find out if in fact they are a potential problem or perhaps if they are an excellent gold mine as well.

What is it that you are looking for in the stock? There are several key things, actually. First, do you notice that there are many reverse splits in the stocks? This can be a sign of trouble with the stock. Another thing to be worrisome about is when you see several mergers with the stocks. This can mean some trouble for the company itself.

The bottom line is that most of the time, the stock’s history will begin to repeat itself.

That means that if a stock is somewhat troublesome in the past, it is likely to be the same or worse in the future. Most of the time penny stocks can be traced back quite a way. This allows you to do the homework that you need to in order to learn more about the company in general.

The bottom line is this.

· Look at the history of the penny stock.

· Determine if the penny stock has had too many reverse splits in its recent and somewhat distant future.

· Determine if the penny stock has had several worrisome reverse mergers as well. This too can be traced back a bit to learn about the true trends.

· Analyze the risk that you believe is involved with this stock based on the facts that you find.

· If a stock has quite a few reverse splits or has had several reverse mergers, you may want to consider looking at a different penny stock or realize the risk involved.

The good news is that it will not necessarily take you a long time to find the answers to these specific questions. What’s more is that you will likely find solutions to your questions within a matter of minutes and be able to cross off your list any possible problematic penny stocks that you may have been considering.
Take some time to determine the stocks history. It is well worth the investment in time. Doing these things can help you to find answers where you need them. It can also help you to learn what you need to know: the real level of risk that plays into penny stocks. The good news is that with a bit of time and research, you can find all sorts of answers to your questions regarding penny stocks.

In the next chapters, you will find some additional warnings to help you to insure that you knowexactly what you are getting into.


  • At 10:04 PM , Anonymous StockMarket said...

    Penny stocks is a double edge sword. you can make millions of dollar investing in penny stocks, and in the same time you lose all your fortune! penny stocks involved speculative play, low liquidity and least coverage among media. but as long as investors on track in evaluating the stocks, he/she won'y lose as much money as other novice investors did.


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