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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Your Risk Tolerance

As we mentioned, it is all up to you, now to determine what your risk tolerance is. That means that you need to truly understand how much risk you can handle. This will help you to understand if in fact the penny stock is the right type of stock for you, specifically.

So, what’s your risk tolerance? To determine this, you need to take into consideration how important the money that you are investing in means to you.

· If you lose this investment, will you be okay as far as financially speaking?

· If you lose this investment, is there a method for you to re-coop your money?

· You should understand that investing in penny stocks means that you should be able to right off your funds and not have to worry about them. Sure, no one wants to lose their money, but if you can safely say that it would be okay for your livelihood to lose it, then it is okay to invest in it. Your risk level is much higher.

Those that have a risk tolerance that is higher are those that can benefit the most from penny stocks. Those that have a lower risk level should tread lightly in the way of penny stocks. Simply, you need to know that it is okay with you to tap in and lose that money.

Even though you will do your best to insure that this does not happen, you still need to insure that you can do okay if it should happen to you.


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