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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tips to The Right Broker

1. Find the right broker through research or recommendation rather than advertisements. Make sure you know about the broker, his experience as well as his success rate. True interviews with him are essential; but only after you already know the facts about him.

2. Make sure that your broker is doing both the buying and selling speech. Any buyer that is doing nothing but trying to get you to buy penny stocks is not one that is faithful. You want a broker that is able to provide good advice that is balanced for both buying as well as selling penny stocks.

3. He or she should address your needs in investments. If he or she does not want to meet your needs, for example, they do not tolerate your level of risk then they are not the right broker for you. What’s more, they should be able to help you to meet your goals through providing a balanced outlook on the right stocks for you, whether they are penny stocks or not.

4. Don’t go to a broker that just specializes in penny stocks. Who knows if they are right for you? Beware of those that make huge promises that you know they can not keep. Remember, most people fail when it comes to penny stocks as the risks are that high.

5. Get the prospectus. First off, the broker needs to provide you with all of the necessary information you need to make a decision. The prospectus is one key element there. It provides you with key information such as the way in which the investment money will be used, the cash flow system of the company, the management of the company and even the history of that company.

6. Remember this key point: If you can not trust, or do not feel as if you can trust, your stock broker, do not work with him. Instead, find someone that you trust to handle your money. Learn whatkind of experience they have and what history they have. Spend time on this decision as it is a huge one to consider.

The broker that you need is one that is going to be there for you. Since in most cases you can not buy and sell penny stocks on your own, you do want to find someone that you can count on to help you. What you will find is that most brokers are principal broker dealers in this field of penny stock investing.

That does not mean that you can not find a good quality broker agent to work with in penny stocks. The fact is that you can, easily. If you do, you will have more security in the long run in the stocks that you purchase as this broker is more likely to be one that you can ultimately trust in the process.

Nevertheless, one of the key things you need to start with is investing in the right broker. Hands down, this is the first step of the process. Take the time to go through the details that we have listed for you above. Get all of your questions answered so that you can make the right decision beyond a doubt.

After securing the right broker, you should be able to sit down with them and talk about your investment strategy. That is, they should be able to provide you with all the necessary help you need to make the decisions you need. They should be working for you.

Next, find the right company to work with and invest in as we mentioned above.

Finally, before you get started on investing with penny stocks, take a minute to read the warnings that we haveabout penny stocks in the next chapter.


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