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Monday, August 14, 2006

Here are some more powerful suggestions for you to consider:

§ If you are going to college, right after completing high school, consider what is referred to as ‘dependent student aid’ which means your parent’s financial background information will be required and used as screening criteria for your application process.

§ Applying for any type of ‘independent class student aid’ is recommended if you are in fact married, born before January 1, 1975, a veteran, or in a professional or graduate program, or have legal dependents.

§ If there is limited, low or no family contributions to call upon apply for the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) – it is a government sponsored grants program.

§ Federal Work Study Programs (FWS) are also options to consider, if you also want to gain work experience while you study or use the part-time employment to pay for tuition. Invaluable exposure and recognized experience is gained through these initiative and they are quite popular in recent years.

§ There are always commercial, private or student loans that offer low-interest rates and a variety of repayment options.

§ Beware of online scams that try to take advantage of people who are after ‘easy’ money for college education. You might be losing some of your own hard-earned cash on these. Even scholarship seminars can prove to be costly, with a minimum return.You can do a lot of the legwork and research, consulting on your own prior to utilizing the ‘experts’ or insiders


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