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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Include all details about YOU in your introduction essay and application letter:

§ Compile a list of your extracurricular activities like , clubs and teams , offices or positions of leadership held, any volunteer activities and even conferences, meetings, or trips where you have represented your school, club or church.

§ Be sure to mention any designations and titles that you have received and make a list of every award that you have received since the 9th grade! They all matter, believe it or not!

It is essential that the language, grammar and punctuation is accurate, concise expression and appropriate style, tone and the like are taken care of. Have an extra set of expert eyes read and over and give you some input and assistance with it – even if your English is GREAT!

Making copies of all applications for practice runs and for your files and records are recommended

Getting your scores (ACT or SAT) and GPA transcript (and making copies of that too) are essential.

Tips for scholarship essay writing:

Before even writing anything down, brainstorm all the ideas that you want to say (use a mind-map or just jot down the thoughts as they occur to you)
Categorize, sort and prioritize your ideas by looking at how you could expand on them better. Ask yourself if what you are saying or thinking is clear and unambiguous (makes sense) and if it is stated clearly as to avoid confusion and/or misinterpretation. Ponder whether it is original and creative. Avoid just merely copying others’ ideas, make it your own.use it as an oppordtunity to showcase all those talents you know you have! Intrigue and interest are both good criteria when you are writing with a certain audience in mind, in this case, the selection committee!

Supporting evidence, logical reasoning and substantiated conclusions all come together to create a comprehensive whole. You are now ready to write and complete your first draft.

Peer and/or professional review (English teacher, high school counselor, principal, parent, or respected business or academic professional read it over)
A thesaurus and word lists are handy tools to help you spice up your essay with some really neat and expressive words, rather than the normal run of the mill, boring and repetitive use of the same old concepts and phrases.

Type your essay’s final draft and have it checked again. Save a back-up copy and print some hard copies for your application packages. You could have several or different versions, or variations of your essay, customized and tailored to fit the requirements of each application. Make each one count!

Always put your best foot forward on paper. Stay truthful and be yourself! This is your one chance to shine – USE IT! LEVERAGE IT! OPTIMIZE IT!

It is all about you and the real payback and value will not come merely from securing the reward per se, but also from your future prospects and the doors that it will open for the rest of your life. All the best with yours. Go open some windows and doors of your future with every application that you send out. Even having a positive attitude when you hear nothing and the clock is ticking. Keep at it. Persist and stick with it. You will be rewarded for your time and effort.

As you come to the final stages of readying your application packages, remember to:

§ Give it a last thorough read and completely review all documentation, as if you are the party receiving it. A final glance over and verification check for accuracy and completeness is recommended as well.
§ Go through all supporting documentation and ensure that all are accounted for. The last thing you would want is for your application to be delayed, , sent back or worse rejected or disqualified, for incomplete information or documentation.
§ One final check of all the criteria, information, documentation and requirements on the application to make sure you have met them all is essential as well.
§ Attach your application form to your supporting documentation and mail it in a large envelope to the appropriate party,at least two weeks prior to the deadline (earlier if you can)


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