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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NOT MERELY because you applied for them!

§ Be careful for parties that say they will apply on your behalf . Some of the information you will required to provide will put you at risk for identity theft or fraud. Be extremely diligent in whom you provide your information to. It is best that ONLY YOU fill out your application form and necessary paperwork.

§ Be on the lookout for any type of scholarships offering or application process that request financial information or identification numbers other than a Social Security number. It is not only unnecessary, but also puts you at increased risk for some of the fraudulent scams and unscrupulous criminal activities that have taken hold of our society! Guard your access,data and information from these practices and potential abuses.

§ Logistic and contact information, like a phone number and return address and even a business listing you can trace and find easily is normally a good sign that it is legitimate
§ Two other telltale signs are offers that come in verbally or by phone – scholarships typically DO NOT! They are confirmed in and through the mail, in writing. Also, check with the better business bureau and other recipients of this award (if applicable), to ensure that it is above board and protect your best interest and also YOUR college education,which is the gateway to your CAREER and YOUR FUTURE!


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