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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

student credit cards

Credit terms vary among issuers. When shopping for a card, think about how you plan to use it. If you expect to pay your bills in full each month, the annual fee and other charges may be more important than the periodic rate and the APR, if there is a grace period for purchases

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good luck with your learning lyrics

hebeathenacraft: Tis Tuesday!I have my college books! I have four books alone for my Mythology class.....I have two classes Thursday. I am learning the lyrics for my J Pop songs......I can't say them very well....but I'll know them. I need to pick up my sister from work at midnight. I like corn. Peace out my Trekkers,

good luck with your learning lyrics


Bankruptcy Student Loan Declared Almost Impossible

Do you have a student loan? Did you know that it is nearly impossible to acquire a bankruptcy student loan?

If you have a student loan that you are finding impossible to pay you might feel like your years at college have only managed to leave you with a large and continually mounting debt that is spiraling out of control. You might be thinking of trying to secure a bankruptcy student loan, well think again. Most government backed student loans and loans backed by non-profit agencies are not discharging student loans because of bankruptcy. This means that whatever you owe on declaring bankruptcy will still be there waiting for you when your bankruptcy has expired and not only that interest still accrues on your loan during the period of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Student Loan