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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here are some examples of possible sources for scholarships:

§ colleges and universities nationwide that want to recruit students with specific qualifications;
§ organizations that help find the school that best meets your career aspirations or fund your education;
§ student achievement organizations,incluing National Honor Roll,
§ possible induction and scholarships;
§ businesses offering products and services of particular interest to students and their families.
§ Government

If you need help completing applications forms and optimize or leverage the financing package and options available to you, this guide will help with that too. Put yourself on the insider track.College is expensive and interest on loans can lay you lame for years to come. There are lots of caveats to look out for when applying for a college scholarship and/or loan to fund your college education.

Planning and research upfront prior to filing your applications are critical elements of this process and you will easily find yourself spending a lot of time on this process.