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Monday, October 30, 2006

Chapter 2: Your Risk Tolerance and Penny Stock Investing

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into penny stock investing, it is wise for you to take into consideration at least some what you level of risk tolerance. If you are new to investing, this is an important task to learn simply because you need to understand just what you are up against in this penny stock game.

Pink Sheet Investing

As mentioned, there is a third method to investing in penny stocks that you should know all about. That is what is called pink sheets. The pink sheets are actually a part of the OTC market. It is technically called the National Quotation Bureau’s or the NQB.

This area of the penny stock market needs to be dealt with carefully. In short, it is less simplistic to handle and here is why.

· There are no necessarily strict listing standards applied to those penny stocks.

· There is little to no information available about pricing, as it is difficult to learn.

· They are called pink sheets because all of the information including lists and prices are printed onto these narrow sheets that are generally pink in color. That’s about as accurate as you get here.

· The average investor has a hard time learning necessary information about them.

· If you work with a broker with pink sheets, you should not have as much of a problem obtaining the necessary information. They can contact what is called the market makers to get necessary information on them.

· The small investor without connections will have to rely on their stock broker for all necessary information about the penny stock that they are trading.

As you can see, trading penny stocks can be something of a risk simply from the way that they are set up. Yet, the investor that is educated and knows just what is needed to make the sale can do so with the help of a qualified stockbroker, something that we will talk about in later chapters.

It is essential for anyone that is interested in selling penny stocks to contact and work with a trustworthy stockbroker to insure the deal goes well.

Although it may sound as if we are being negative about this type of trading arrangement for penny stocks, it is not so much that it is negative, just a fair warning.

The different types of markets that you can invest in for penny stocks is important because you need to see the difference in the way that the stock is traded as well as the difference in the way that it is placed onto the market. This plays a very important role in just how likely it is for a stock to be risky for you as well.

Those that are looking for a less risky option should take into consideration working with a NASDAQ based stock. Those that are looking for improved risk may not be okay with the high amount of risk that is posed by a penny stock in the first place. Nevertheless, if you are seasoned enough or looking for a huge windfall that plays on huge risks, then investing in OTC stocks through the pink sheets should be considered.

In the following chapters, we will talk more about determining your level of risk as far can be stocks are concerned.