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Friday, August 18, 2006

Investment In Your Future – Where The Real Payback And Value-Proposition Is.

Finding and successfully applying to college is a true investment in yourself and your future You start nurturing relationships, connections and inter-personal opportunity early on in your academic and career activities by going through this process.

Finding and selling your strengths, asking for what you need, when you need it and finding creative ways to help you pay for college and your personal development are actually also essential job-skills that will serve you well later in your profession too.

There are lots that you can start doing right away past these ‘basic requirements and process steps’. You can research best practices on finding and successfully applying for scholarships. Download and start processing online application forms for College scholarships and even find new ones as they become available. Scholarship application processes explained, forms, and sources of aid are also freely available both in print and on-line. Anyone and everyone has to start somewhere.

As we have seen, college scholarships are available from a wide variety of sources. With a little effort, creativity and wherewithal, you may be able to fund all or part of your college education from these sources. We encourage exploring all your options and putting in as many relevant and choice applications that you can to optimize your chances of not having to loan money or find alternative ways to get the education you need, want and deserve.

Find and apply successfully for scholarships by referring to the experts who know the process, those who have gone before you and have been successful. Learn from their mistakes and failures. Gather as much information from as many sources that you can.

A good strategy to have is to find out what specifically and ALL that are available in your direct area or hometown, institution you are interested in, businesses in the area etc. Ask around, start conversations, visit the library, talk with different people about it, often and make your intentions known to those around you and the surrounding world out there! They will not know, unless you tell them. High school counselors can provide you with a list of scholarships, even new ones that just became available, contact information, even some tips and advice. You will be wise to start your process early and make your guidance counselor a partner in this ongoing process.They can also help spread the word on your success, or act as a referral, write you a recommendation letter.

Searching the internet for scholarships. You almost cannot miss out on the wonderful opportunity, immediacy and effective process that technology puts at your fingertips. Caution to some ‘scam’ like luring, false claims and empty promises. Make it a rule NOT TO PAY ANYONE ANYTHING in order to apply. Do not share personal information over the web and FILL OUT THE FORMS YOURSELF. There are numerous databases, lists, links to follow and it will be time and effort well spent.

As you go along, make a shortlist of the scholarships that you are interested in and send off for the application packages right away. When they arrive, fill them out and send them right back. Note deadlines and special requirements (transcripts, letters of recommendation, academic standing, merit, other selection and eligibility criteria etc.)

If an essay is required take the time needed to make it the best representation and introduction, sell and positioning possible for you as the top candidate.If this is a requirement , there are sometimes less applicants, but this has changed in recent years.